Sinead O’Connor / Miley Cyrus

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| October 22nd, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

24 Responses to “Sinead O’Connor / Miley Cyrus”

  1. tataxyz123 Says:

    Eminem would agree with her

  2. tataxyz123 Says:

    Fking ass shut up let her talk

  3. Peter Mccartney Says:

    she spoke the truth …thats it

  4. Gypsy Chaser Says:


  5. Hayley Lang Says:

    Miley Cyrus fans… Go away. You have no idea, you know nothing about what this woman is saying. Just leave.

  6. KenzieDey Says:

    Like all she is doing is rambling on and on and on. No disrespect but she is a mess

  7. KenzieDey Says:

    This lady is a mess.

  8. Ciaran Ledgewood Says:

    She’s totally correct

  9. ENIMSAJSM Says:

    The host obviously wants to misconstrued what Sinead is saying. She’s too intellegent for that. She is a fucking queen.

  10. elise p Says:

    I love sinead

  11. paddyleblanc Says:

    Jesus, that twerp Tubridy couldn’t interview himself without interrupting with some redundant remark

  12. Sophia Plate Says:

    Could not agree more! Well said!

  13. kylemenos Says:

    ok people i think we all agree the girl has tallent but she clearly is’nt well, rte no’s this and used her for rateings once more, therefore shouldnt she take her own advice? nice tattoos tho, thats not a sign of madness at all NOT!

  14. killiney4444 Says:

    Nothing beats the short version without dressing everything it up.Only thing better is adding at least 2 ‘fuckin’s into each sentence.You can blow ‘appropriateness’ out your ass.

  15. killiney4444 Says:

    Sinead is looking v well these days.

  16. TheOriginalMoc Says:

    I feel like Sinead has taken my words and made them public because that’s exactly how I feel about music’ well done Sinead rebel on!

  17. 1954telecaster Says:

    lmao is what irish talk shows are like?? all they do is argue and cut eachother off

  18. Rebecca Mcgee Says:

    Sinead I love you.. queen

  19. cathy d Says:

    Don’t be so stupid ..all they make is Robots to control .tell em when to sleep,eat,what to wear how to act..control their every move—real artists have control over their own work

  20. tocamelaconga Says:

    Typo… Say not day.

  21. tocamelaconga Says:

    Of course a kid who doesn’t even know who Sinead is is going to day something stupid like Damon just did. And that’s exactly what she’s talking about. Kids today have no clue what raw talent & rock ‘n’ roll used to be because everything is fake now. Do your research. Look up her music & awards she has just for being true to her craft rather than an image.

  22. Damon Ashley Says:

    Ya. People like Simon and Louis made you rich. Just remember that.

  23. Charles James Says:

    Sinead is extremely insightful, has guts and an incredible talent. More important, she has integrity. I’m always interested in what she has to say.

  24. dubtat Says:

    I totally agree