Sinead O’Connor Open Letters To Miley Cyrus – READ FULL LETTERS

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| October 27th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

10 Responses to “Sinead O’Connor Open Letters To Miley Cyrus – READ FULL LETTERS”

  1. CuteKoolClass Says:

    Shine ad is amazing and deathmetaldouglas69 I don’t want to be in the slightest bit mean but you should take your ownd directions because Sinead o Connor is a fantastic woman who has suffered a lot and is amassing at what she does

  2. golitely7 Says:

    These are things a parent would say, all good advice but we are in amerikkka the land of the slave home of the clueless so it goes right over most heads.

  3. bjrn2010 Says:

    What is there to regret? She’s more famous than she’s been in years, this is going just how it was planed.

  4. Xaysha Williams Says:

    Good for you Sinead!

  5. deathmetaldouglas69 Says:

    Sinead needs to shut up and go away already.

  6. Rosie Price Says:

    just wait till miley turns out like Lindsey lohan.. it will be soon..

  7. Hotboyhit Says:

    Miley’s u will regret

  8. eric derobert mazure Says:

    trop bon

  9. Tanya Robison Says:

    Good on Sinead O’Conner!

  10. JulesStarr7 Says:

    Her new “best friend” and according to Miley, “the only one who gets me” is Britney Spears. And when Sinead O’Connor, someone who KNOWS how bad the industry is, warns her, the handlers post responses questioning Sinead’s sanity (you can have someone imprisoned for “insanity” based on testimony). It’s dismissive and meant to instill fear to call someone “crazy” in response to an argument. Miley, when you see demons in your mirror (like Gaga does), remember the advice you received to get out.