Sinead O’Connor To Miley Cyrus: ‘The Music Business Doesn’t Give A S–t About You’

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| October 24th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Sinead O’Connor To Miley Cyrus: ‘The Music Business Doesn’t Give A S–t About You’”

  1. earthly child Says:

    Wow ur so fukin wrong I like sineads one big song but damn too sink too mileys lvl. Sounds like ur the cunt


    O’Connor is a very intelligent, grounded woman with self respect, principals and class. Miley has none of those qualities.

  3. Conor Dean Smith Says:

    sinead wasn’t even mentioned by this woman here

  4. Conor Dean Smith Says:

    so is your mom you fucking god damn cunt

  5. Conor Dean Smith Says:

    LOL…..”my mom is my homie”

  6. Blu Halo Says:

    Sinead you can get stomped by Obie you 46 year old blow me you don’t know me you’re too old its over nobody listens to technooooooo

  7. King Kami Says:

    @Loren brook wow. Somebody’s butthurt.

  8. King Kami Says:

    Miley isn’t a victim, Sinead. She’s just a watered-down Britney wannabe.

  9. PhunkyNell Says:

    Miley Cyrus is a spiteful, talentless cunt with bee stings for tits. I look forward to her downfall.

  10. Mary Jane Says:

    Sineads broke. She’s just trying to get attn . Yea that heroin took its toll

  11. JulesStarr7 Says:

    You must be one of Miley’s “handlers,” Zionist Hollywood scum.

  12. No More Bitches Says:

    Miley said about Sinead in twitter: “Before Amanda Bynes, it was her”. Ok, Miley, I’ll tell you: after Amanda Bynes… there’s you… SKANK !

  13. mbyrne113 Says:

    ”My miley” haha Billy

  14. mbyrne113 Says:

    Sinead is right to do what she say and miley parents are ridicious.

  15. JulesStarr7 Says:

    Her new “best friend” and according to Miley, “the only one who gets me” is Britney Spears. And when Sinead O’Connor, someone who KNOWS how bad the industry is, warns her, the handlers post responses questioning Sinead’s sanity (you can have someone imprisoned for “insanity” based on testimony). It’s dismissive and meant to instill fear to call someone “crazy” in response to an argument. Miley, when you see demons in your mirror (like Gaga does), remember the advice you received to get out.

  16. Total Information Says:

    Miley is just a Tennesee hillbilly kidnapped by a bunch of gangsters (Mike Will, Juicy J) that hold her doped and have her doin’ all they want her to do. When they dump her, all the fuckin’ assholes that support Miley will put their tongues in their very ass.

  17. Total Information Says:

    loreen, you have shown you’re the worst hater of all.

  18. Total Information Says:

    @xxxllovehellokitty Go to a therapist, “kitty”. You’re completely brainwashed out by Miley’s shit.

  19. xxxIlovehellokitty Says:

    Sinead.. love the bald Britney hair do thing you got going on…it suits you well.. its quite a good look for you.. Great letter! Really! But should people be bothered with your lousy letter? Like all your letters, it belongs in the trash. Next time, don’t send out crappy letters to A list celebrities. Be a good old women and go back into hibernation.

  20. Joey Klarenbeek Says:

    A f-ing “Movement Documentary”!!!? What the hell!?

  21. loreen brook Says:

    Love Miley!!

  22. loreen brook Says:

    Yo, you trashy motherfucking kids (haters) stop hating and get a life. You guys sucks… She is and always gonna be successful. So don’t waste your time hating you guys are not gonna change that.. It’s just sad how jealous you haters are, because she has more money and more success than you motherfucking, lonely computer freaks are gonna have.. Feel kind of sorry for you but feel also good. Hope you never find happiness because thats what haters supposed to do. You end up hating yourself.. Haha

  23. Susan Daniels Says:

    Miley’s parents need to wake the heck up, this kid is going to crash, she’s all doped up and hanging with the worst, a train wreck and her parents don’t get it!! Shameful!

  24. vfactory4ever Says:

    Yeah you’re right beside her watching her be a slut. What the hell is wrong with this bitch of a mom!

  25. gherrrie Says:

    If Miley started shooting people in the street indiscriminately,would you,mom and dad,be there for her because she is just being your Miley?Think and reflect if at all you can.And people,more than complaining and beefing about all the moral slide that you see around everywhere,you and your children should steel yourselves by practicing true morals yourselves,because the moral decay that you see around is only going to increase.It is a sign of the end times.Doubt that at your own peril.