SMS Bangerz w/ Miley Cyrus ft Britney Spears (Review)

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| October 10th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “SMS Bangerz w/ Miley Cyrus ft Britney Spears (Review)”

  1. Omar Perez Says:

    I´╗┐ posted the song if you wanna hear it ­čśÇ

  2. Omar Perez Says:

    you´╗┐ can here it at my channel ­čśÇ

  3. Greg Rodgers Says:

    When she brings out´╗┐ S&M, bang her, I will be interested.

  4. George Moncayo Says:

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  6. Kendrick BaldwinTV Says:

    I didn’t even hear the damn song! I wanna´╗┐ hear it.

  7. SaveYourself777 Says:

    Samantha:´╗┐ Was this leak intentional?
    Me: *sipping tea* outloud: DUH lol

  8. Caitlin Srager Says:

    Bret’s logic´╗┐ > anyone else’s

  9. cham2118 Says:

    Add a breakfast sandwich to that equation and you get an´╗┐ “explosive movement”. ;D

  10. MCJackLight Says:

    If you get a´╗┐ chance check out my 23 (Miley Cyrus) Rap Remix on my channel!
    Like and comment please ­čśÇ

  11. ninasgottamakeit Says:

    i´╗┐ like it:)

  12. ninasgottamakeit Says:

    i think its sounds a bit like´╗┐ uffie

  13. Sean Beard Says:

    The only good and´╗┐ unintentional leaked songs are from Lana Del Rey.

  14. Jess F Says:

    I love how when Sam makes puns´╗┐ or something, she always clarifies! hahaha oh Sam, we get it! xx

  15. Belen Zavala Says:

    I love it …´╗┐ :/

  16. Emiliauskas Says:

    we call texts ‘sms’ in our country´╗┐

  17. ieatroches95 Says:

    She was amazing on´╗┐ SNL though.

  18. JayKayx5 Says:

    so i watch the movement thing and i´╗┐ cant tell if Miley is an absolute genius with her course of fame, or just a really well spoken dumbass…
    still love her though

  19. gio narimanahsili Says:

    it is terrible´╗┐ :

  20. FransFlogs Says:

    Quick hurry everyone or´╗┐ all of the iPad’s will go!! ­čśÉ

  21. Phiroz Pattanayak Says:

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  22. 4everlinkinpark1992 Says:

    Not to be creepy but´╗┐ I dreamt about Sam, Brett and Bree last night ­čśÇ

  23. SuzzieandFizzi Says:

    It wasn’t a leak… And they never ever put the link in´╗┐ the description

  24. LayeredGamer Says:

    Pop Trigger. I love you, but please do more research. It was leaked by a fan in LQ, then Miley put up a stream on itunes for the´╗┐ album, to avoid other leaks.

  25. Tevin Davis Says:

    i heard´╗┐ the whole album leaked