WOW: The Onion Predicted Miley Cyrus Future In 2008

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| October 30th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “WOW: The Onion Predicted Miley Cyrus Future In 2008”


    que decis

  2. LynxNet11E Says:

    so thats why the government shutdown

  3. neven dugave Says:

    i am leaving under a rock and proud of it

  4. damnseriouselephant Says:

    yeah, but she already has that rep, miley had the hannah montana good girl rep, so it was more so the shock of it all than the action

  5. Kaycee Jones Says:

    I actually saw the video some months ago.

  6. skatemetrix Says:

    Lady Gaga must have sold her soul to the devil if controversy keeps bouncing off her.

  7. MrKratoscastro Says:

    Patrick Star…..O.O

  8. agis lax Says:

    i never said she was gaga is very classical very clean. but at the same time sexy.

  9. Damian Louden Says:

    Come on dude. 

  10. Ben fiske Says:

    I think south park predicted this first at the end of the britney spears episode “Sacrifice in March corn have plenty starch” hahah

  11. rckjones9999 Says:

    She’s so fucking whack. She tries too hard to be rebellious. It’s stupid.

  12. extremophile Says:

    It would be actually more surprising to not see something like this happen for once. The Onion is awesome.

  13. xxan78xxan Says:

    It’s all old news…Madonna, Lady Gaga, etc.etc.etc.  BORING AND DULL.

  14. Tanner Bills Says:

    They may have a time machine.

  15. Tanner Bills Says:

    Or perhaps, even someone who thinks a crystal ball works could’ve predicted this.

  16. eartianwerewolf Says:

    @CandyCaldwell maybe Cyrus has improved.l dunno I can handle this new song, but her other singing voice in other songs has this weird nasal weird noise, but some singers just have that tone to their voices Lols

  17. eartianwerewolf Says:

    Course everyone tries to push the limits and she probably thinks she is a big rebel. Also even if you have a flat ass you can wear whatever you want but people are supposed to be paid to make sure you look good in whatever you are gonna wear. I do feel like gaga shook up the scene though and others are just running after her trying to catch up with what she did. Rihana-s and m, Minaj everything, and now Miley. I do wonder though if i gaga was the first in a wave of surreal pop imagery

  18. eartianwerewolf Says:

    I thought it was a bit overkill but I didn’t think it was so bad. I was more like meh lol. She is trying to crack through and make a distinct image for herself..but I dunno it kinda just seemed like look at me look at me wooh wooh whereas I feel like at least lady gaga seems to be I was like meh it is okay, is sorts like the song. Think people are judging her based on who she used to be though.

  19. Candy Caldwell Says:

    But she can sing and no it was not…Gaga looked tamed compared to Cyrus..

  20. Feb Thirteen Says:

    I disagree. I think she was very entertaining AND I can’t stop humming that song.

  21. Joe Lippard Says:

    Lady Gaga wasn’t trashy about it.

  22. Evocative Kitsune Says:

    That clip rocked.

  23. ccdimage Says:

    Your left speaker is broken?
    The audio for this show is a bit strange and I can only hear him on my left speaker.

  24. Brian Eberflus Says:

    Whenever you talk there is no audio, but when you show a clip it plays audio. & evidently everyone else can hear it though. Idk youtube censor?

  25. dangerouslytalented Says:

    The Oracle of Onion strikes again.

    The Onion: More facts than any “legitimate” news source.