Wrecking Ball – Piano Lesson / Tutorial – Miley Cyrus

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| October 8th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Wrecking Ball – Piano Lesson / Tutorial – Miley Cyrus”



  2. Katniss2726 Says:

    wow I am only a beginner and you made it so easy!!!

  3. Benz Tronz Says:

    Now this is a REAL tutorial. Good work man !!

  4. M Parker Says:

    Thank you for the tutorial! I used your chords in my cover – having them written out like that was really helpful!

  5. LuzmeryRomero Says:

    love your tutorials. You are really cool! thanks for your lovely videos.

  6. easilyamused20 Says:

    I love this! It was really clear and easy to understand. I’m an extreme beginner but i got most of it (now just for a loooot more practice haha)

  7. Franime Says:

    Awesome~ =w= BUT I NO GET OOONNNEEE PART!!! >A<

  8. Zahidah Zee Says:


  9. shorthy618 Says:

    Can you make a video where you actually play the whole song so we can see how to tie all the parts together?

  10. kelsey jansen Says:

    alright i don’t understand this! can you a video where you explain this?

  11. smartygirlelipic Says:

    Thanks for the super easy tutorial

  12. ariel4eva101 Says:

    Thank ya! Yusss , I Can Playy It!!

  13. Michael Tadeja Says:

    it’s the same 🙂

  14. Michael Tadeja Says:

    it’s the same 🙂

  15. nicoleilagan143 Says:

    Thank you so much :))

  16. Eberocker Says:

    Thanks so much. now I can play the whole song!!!

  17. Eloiza Dirige Says:

    This is AWESOME! Thank you so much!

  18. Lorenzo Margutti Says:

    OMG thanks

  19. Sarah-Julie Jacquemin Says:


  20. Sarah-Julie Jacquemin Says:

    Do someone has the partition?

  21. Nara Ricci Says:

    ??? it’s the same thing .-. lol

  22. Kaitlyn Epler Says:

    These are amazing also this is how I learned to play

  23. Kaitlyn Epler Says:

    Can you please make one for ‘same love’?

  24. Beáta Bölönyi Says:

    That A# shouldn’t be Bb? I think it should.

  25. J jay Says:

    you have the best videos, you teach so well!! love it